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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Where is God

I have searched for the words this morning.  There is nothing I can really say about this that will help.  There are no words that will shed light.  Sometimes darkness seems like it is taking over the world.  People ask, “Why did this happen?”  “Where is God?”  And we do not know why.  And we begin to doubt that God exists.   

And then we hear about the principal and teachers who ran toward the shooting instead of away.  We read about the teachers who acted calmly and got their children out of the school; teachers who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the children in their classrooms.  We hear about the custodian who ran throughout the school warning the teachers.  We see people praying and comforting the grieving.  We see policemen and firemen and ambulance drivers rushing into chaos. 

And we know where God is.  He is in every act of love; every act of sacrifice; every unselfish gesture.  He is in every hug, every tear, every cry for help.   He is there.  At Sandy Hook.

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  1. Exactly. God didn't do this. A man under the influence of evil, sin...whatever one prefers to call this negative mindset and action, did this. God stands by to actively offer healing through numerous avenues, a healing that in itself surely seems unimaginable at the moment.


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