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Friday, July 7, 2023

A New Song

Psalm 149:1

“Sing to the Lord a new song,

  his praise in the assembly of his faithful people.”

The new song that Christians sing to the Lord is the song of faith.  It is the song of a new life, a new outlook, and a new hope.  This new song is a song that can and should be sung by everyone of faith.

Our lives are lives that are different.  Our words and our actions are those of love and concern for others.  We know that our future rests with God and we know that we will dwell with Him in the end.  

A new life, a new outlook, and a new hope.  Sing to the Lord.  Sing a new song.

May the love of Christ be with you

Rev. Eric Lanier (Retired)

#Faith #Love #New Life

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